Take your class on a virtual field trip of an Ohio pig farm.

Spring Fever?

Take your class on a virtual field trip!

The Ohio Pork Council is curing students’ spring fever with virtual trips to the farm! Using Google Hangouts’ live video-sharing technology and supplemental educational materials, this initiative is a fun and scholastic opportunity for students, turning the classroom into a virtual pig farm.

There are many Bacon Farmers in Ohio and across the mid-west who invite you to try the ultimate recipe for Bacon Candy! Watch for step by step instructions to help you learn how to make Candied Bacon. Bacon makes everything better!

Learn How to Make

Candied Bacon!

Watch for step by step instructions to help you learn how to make Candied Bacon. This tasty treat is guaranteed to impress family and friends.

Heartland Honey Mustard Pork Medallions

Need an Easy Way to Make Them Smile?

Try Heartland Honey Mustard Pork Medallions! 

This recipe comes from the Kaffenbargers, a farm family raising pigs here in Ohio. Enjoy! Also, be sure to watch the Kaffenbarger's video and see what life is like on their family's pig farm.

14 things you really need to know about your bacon.

Love bacon?

Of course you do...

Why? Because it's bacon. Now, find out the truth behind that salrty, sweet, strip of amazingness. 

Pork loin can often be purchased on sale very reasonably and can be turned into multiple meals, whether you're eating alone or feeding a large family.

Eat Great. Save Money!

Looking to stretch a dollar?

Buying boneless whole or half pork loin is a great way to turn a single purchase into a week's worth of family meals.