November 2, 2023

NEW ALBANY, OH – As part of its ongoing mission to create more pork enthusiasts across Ohio, OPC recently sponsored the chef at SAME Café in Toledo to attend the Midwest Pork Summit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with the goal of becoming more proficient in pork meal planning and preparation.

Courtney Schmidtke, the chef of the nonprofit café, was one of only 18 chefs from 10 different states across the country to attend the annual, two-and-a-half-day event. Participants got to hear from experts on topics ranging from pig farming, meat science, pork quality, and unique pork utilizations.

Outside of classroom and kitchen instruction, attendees also got to hear from a farm-to-table panel as well as demonstrate their culinary skills in a team challenge. These experiences were capped with a visit to a modern, family-owned pig farm to see how many operations function today.

“My most surprising experience from the summit was just learning what all goes into pig farming,” says Schmidtke. “The extent to which good, reputable farmers go to give us the best possible pork possible is amazing. It gives me a new appreciation for both the animal and pork as an ingredient, which elevates your ability to take food to the next level.”

About The Ohio Pork Council

The Ohio Pork Council was established in 1968, beginning with nearly 800 pig farmers dedicated to the task of promoting their own product. Currently, OPC has approximately 2,500 members. Their mission is to serve and benefit all Ohio pork producers. To learn more about the Ohio Pork Council, visit or call 614- 882-5887.