June 13, 2023

The Ohio Pork Council fully endorses Issue 1, a vital proposal aimed at strengthening the democratic process in the state of Ohio. Issue 1 proposes to raise the requirement for constitutional amendments to pass with a 60% majority vote. The Ohio Pork Council is a non-profit, farmer-led organization that represents the interests of Ohio’s pork industry. Its mission is to serve as a united voice for pork producers, promote sustainable agriculture, and ensure the long-term success of Ohio’s pork industry.

Cheryl Day, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Pork Council, says:

“As an organization representing the interests of Ohio’s pork industry, we firmly believe that this initiative will enhance the integrity and effectiveness of the state’s constitutional amendment process. This thoughtful adjustment will ensure that any amendments to our state constitution truly reflect the will of the people. By raising the threshold, we can ensure that future constitutional changes are not made haphazardly or without substantial consensus. The Ohio Pork Council recognizes the importance of an equitable and fair democratic system that protects the interests of all citizens. The proposed amendment strikes a balance between protecting individual rights and enabling changes for the betterment of Ohio.”

As an industry that is economically vital to Ohio, the Ohio Pork Council understands the significance of maintaining a stable and predictable regulatory environment. By endorsing Issue 1, the council aims to safeguard the long-term viability of the entire industry while protecting the investments and livelihoods of all pork producers throughout the state.

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About the Ohio Pork Council

The Ohio Pork Council was established in 1968, beginning with nearly 800 pig farmers dedicated to the task of promoting their own product. Currently, OPC has approximately 2,500 members. Their mission is to serve and benefit all Ohio pork producers. To learn more about the Ohio Pork Council, visit www.OhioPork.org or call 614-882-5887.