August 2, 2021

NEW ALBANY, OHIO – The USDA needs your help to accurately portray Ohio’s agriculture story by participating in the 2022 Agricultural Census.
Statistical information drives decision-making at all levels of government. The Agricultural Census is an indispensable tool that assists in developing and administering programs that oversee and promote farm vitality, consumer protection, conservation, trade, and economic development.
Every five years, the USDA is charged with estimating crop and livestock production through the Census of Agriculture, and they need your help to make the upcoming census possible. The following link will take you to a survey conducted by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, where you are asked to fill out the information accordingly pertaining to your agricultural operation.
From the smallest operation to the largest, every farm counts, so let’s make sure that Ohio’s pig farmers are well represented in the Census of Agriculture for 2022.

Click here for the USDA’s Census of Agriculture Survey