The Swientist program was established in 2015 in response to a significant increase in swine flu infections among people attending county fairs. The Swientist program embraces a “test, test and thrive” approach. The team conducts swabs on exhibition pigs, tests the results, and offers fun, educational programs to young exhibitors, teaching them best practices for keeping themselves and their animals healthy. Recently,  Swientist program has expanded its scope to explore how the diseases are changing and shifting from a primary focus on ‘youth in agriculture’ to addressing zoonotic disease in various farm animals, such as chickens. Additionally, the program has adapted the Swientist model to serve individuals showing poultry and those raising backyard poultry. The Swientist Program educates hundreds of young fairgoers each year on how to reduce the risk of influenza A virus and other zoonotic diseases through engaging, hands on learning activities.

Email for Swientist inquiries: [email protected]