July 9, 2021

NEW ALBANY, OHIO – Ohio’s bacon and egg farmers teamed up to make a road trip to Canton, Ohio on Friday, July 9. Their destination was “Gregory’s Family Restaurant” located at 2835 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH.

While every road trip has a purpose, this one was even more special to all who were involved. Our team of farmers set out to present the second grant winner of the Best Buckeye Breakfasts campaign with their $2,500 award. When arriving at Gregory’s, it was instantly understood why they were nominated for Best Buckeye Breakfasts. Their staff were welcoming and quick to help out, their food was outstanding, and above all, their owner goes above and beyond to take care of her staff, restaurant, community, and patrons.

While at Gregory’s, those involved got to meet and hear from the owner, Lisa Jones. Jones shared her story of how she went from a long-time waitress to faithful owner of a small-town restaurant and catering business. Throughout the visit, Jones constantly expressed how thankful she is to live in a community that knows and understand the power of supporting their local businesses, which is a valuable lesson to all across the state of Ohio as everyone continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Gregory’s is just another example of how our support can go a long way for those who support the pork industry.