C-J's Family Restaurant

September 1, 2021

Ohio’s bacon and egg farmers continued their trek across the state on Thursday, August 26, in an effort to support some of Ohio’s best breakfast spots. Making their way to Stockport, Ohio, the latest Best Buckeye Breakfasts grant was awarded to “C-J’s Family Restaurant,” located at 1920 Main Street in downtown Stockport.
Handing out their fifth $2,500 grant of the Best Buckeye Breakfasts campaign, it was clear from the moment we arrived why C-J’s was heavily nominated for such a deserving award. The BBB’s summer-long effort has uncovered some of Ohio’s best restaurants committed to service, community, and serving up good food, and C-J’s was no exception.
We were lucky enough to meet C-J’s longtime owner Carolyn Schramm who welcomed us in with open arms and told us about her 33-year journey with the restaurant. While COVID-19 made things difficult at C-J’s, Schramm remained loyal to her community, dishing out delicious meals along the way through carry-out and other call-ahead ordering.
Through the support of her family, the community, and her employees, C-J’s could push through and is back to being a thriving small-town breakfast and lunch spot. There is no doubt that C-J’s will put the latest Best Buckeye Breakfasts grant to good use, and Schramm has Ohio’s pork producers to thank for that.