July 27, 2021

NEW ALBANY, OHIO – Ohio’s bacon and egg farmers traveled down to the state’s capital on Tuesday, July 27, to present a check to the latest Best Buckeye Breakfasts grant winner. Their destination was the “Grill & Skillet Diner” located at 2924 East Main Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Our team of farmers was excited to present their latest $2,500 award to another worthy Ohio restaurant, and it was very clear why the Grill & Skillet Diner was the latest choice. The food was outstanding, their staff was welcoming and helpful, and above all, their owners go above and beyond to take care of their restaurant, community, patrons, and staff.
While at the Grill & Skillet, we were lucky enough to meet and hear from one of the owners, Diana Cain. Cain shared the story of how she and her husband, John Flood, have owned the restaurant for more than 36 years. While COVID-19 shifted their attention to the lunch crowd for carry-out orders, they were able to weather the storm and now can enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated group of customers and employees.
Throughout the visit, Cain constantly expressed her gratitude for her community and those who supported all local businesses during the pandemic.
It is safe to say that we are all still recovering in our own way from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the state of Ohio is trending in the right direction and the Grill & Skillet Diner is just another example of how our support can go a long way for those who support the pork industry.