Ham Pizza Snacks

Ham Pizza Snacks
  • TOTAL PREP TIME20 minutes

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  • 1 7 1/2-oz package refrigerated biscuit dough
  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 1/4 cup pizza sauce
  • 2/3 cup ham diced
  • 2/3 cup mozzarella cheese shredded



Spray cookie sheet with nonstick spray. Separate biscuits and flatten on cookie sheet, leaving space between so edges do not touch. Spread 1 teaspoon pizza sauce on each biscuit. Top each biscuit with 1 tablespoon of diced ham and 1 tablespoon shredded cheese. Bake in a 400 degrees F. oven for 8-10 minutes or until biscuits are light brown and cheese is melted.

Serves 10.